lumiana (lumiana) wrote in wisteriacontest,

Challenge 8 - Andrew / Shawn Pyfrom icon

+  You can submit as many icons as you want
   (only the one which gets the more votes will be counted)
+  Submit your icon(s) in a comment to this post
    or to my email address :
+  Icons must not be over 100 x 100 and their size less than 40 KB.
+  You can use the images provided or any other of Andrew / Shawn Pyfrom.
+  You have until June 17th, 2006 to submit your entries.
+  All comments will be screened.

Theme : Andrew / Shawn Pyfrom icon

Those images are only examples. You can use any other picture of Andrew / Shawn you like.
Click on them to enlarge them.

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