lumiana (lumiana) wrote in wisteriacontest,

Challenge 7 - And the winners are...

Congrats to our winners !

1st place - Madumx

2nd place - Thejupitermako

Thank you so much to all the ones who participated and also to the ones who voted. The banners will be up soon. :)
Please don't forget to enter the current challenge.
Have a nice evening everyone ! :)
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WOW I can't get it

thank U
it's really nice to see that after all the poblems I had with this banner I've finally had win

thank U Lumiana, I love your site , your contests and I especially love you

congratulations to you, Mako ( -chan [don't we have to write the "chan"?])
Aww I'm so happy you won !! :)
You deserved it, really. :)
Thank you so much sweetie. I love you too, very much.
I'm sorry I didn't talk more with you, that I didn't make more arts and updates those days, I really didn't have time. I'm going in holidays tomorrow and will be back on June 16th. Then I'll have much more free time.
I hope you're fine and that your exams went alright.

Yes you can call her Mako-chan, it's a japenese nickname. ;) But Mako is also alright.

Have a nice evening, sweet Manon
We'll talk soon again.
thank U honey
I didn't make any new stuff too so it isn't a problem lol

where are U going for holidays???
mes exams se passent bien mais il y a encore 2 semaines

why do we have to write "chan" in Japanese?
I read it in books too

Hey there. :)
Je vais voir ma grand-mère pour quelques jours à La rochelle.
Encore 2 semaines ? Oh là là, bon courage !!
"chan" in japanese is used to show affection. The Japaneses always put a particle behind a name when they talk about someone. When they don't know very well the person, they will say "san" instead of "chan", it's more polite. :)
Voilà. :)
Gros bisous

thank U so much for explaining me
I read " memoirs of a geisha " and I noticed it

C beau La rochelle tu as de le chance
mais tu habites où au fait ?

Demain math puis plus que 5 examens ( ils ont foutu des congés entre RRRrrr... )

Bravo !! Congratulations Madumx !!!!!!
Omedeto !! (félicitation en japonais)
Très jolie wallpaper :D
hé hé hé deuxième , suis ravie !!!!!! merci beaucoup ;-)

merci mako-chan pour le petit comm
ça m'a fait plaisir

pour la prononciation c'est pas encore ça mdr