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Wisteria Lane's art contests

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Welcome to Wisteria Lane's art contests' community ! :)

+ Every two weeks, I will post one or two pictures for you to make art with. According to the rules I will post with them, it could either be an icon, a banner or a wallpaper.

+ The schedule will look like this :
New challenge theme = every two Saturday
You will have two weeks to submit your arts.
Voting will be from Saturday night to Tuesday night.
Winners will be announced the following day and will get their winning banners as soon as possible.

+ To submit your art, post your picture(s) as a comment to the contest theme post. Basically like this:
< " img src = http://yourimageurlhere " >
but without all the spaces. Or you can just give me the url.
But don't forget, you must already have uploaded your artworks on a server if you wish that to work.
The comments will all be screened.

+ Please do not vote for yourself and do not ask a friend to vote for you. I will check that.
Be fair to the people who worked as hard as you and who are honnest just as you should be.
And you have to be a member to submit and vote.

Thank you for taking time to read those rules. That would be nice if everybody could respect them.